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aplicacion-iosOne of the most important innovations of recent times is technological applications.

Idealized by the team led Applications IOS Apple by Steve Jobs as an opening of their programming codes to development companies could create their own tools to the average of their needs and which was later replicated the idea for Google for Android language.

This has become one of the most important resources for the technological development of mobile tools not only for the functional capabilities that allow equal to those of any system of advanced computing options but also because it can integrate all kinds of advertising content such as videos, images, sounds, databases, etc.

Mobile computers or their operating systems tables are based on these apps and this is why his company is unable to take advantage of these resources that allow all types of integration between technology platforms and advertising.


The applications have been created so that you can develop any idea and it can be placed on the sales platforms such as Apple’s App Store, blackberry World, Google Play, etc. Platforms that will allow as appropriate sell your idea, and that it also works for e.g. to sell you advertising for other companies and get a profit either by selling your application or by advertising inserted there.

Study Tools, Direct Marketing, Games, Health tools, Cosmetics, Product catalogs, Visual Aids sales force, Business Administration, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are all likely to make our team advise you when choose which is your best choice.

We offer you:


Web-based content and executed by a browser, which are executed on a server and do not make use of the functionality of the device.


Application that makes use of the functionality of the device and is installed in it, you can get there without the need for internet access.


we can develop an application that is a hybrid of the previous two, that is, that is installed in the device and also requires the use of browser to use showing on certain content sections web loaded from a server or from within the application itself, having and the power of native applications and facilities implementation of web apps.

As for the style of the application to develop we can offer between different types:


where the important thing is to be useful to the user, providing it with information as clearly as possible and by providing a certain task.

Utility Applications:

They characterized by providing very specific information to the user, without his need to perform many actions on the application. For example, an application that shows the weather forecast.

Full-screen applications:

They offer their content to full screen. Primarily used for presentations, games, music, video, etc. applicable to all types of use.

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