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Do you remember the soundtrack of the all times classic “Jaws” movie? Just two notes, and then your skin starts to chill because you know the next attack is coming, and just like that, whenever you hear it again, no matter what you are doing, your memory will take you back to that scary feeling.

What about “Titanic”? An epic love story that brings to our minds another type of feelings when the sweet melody of “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion just begins in the beautiful sound of that flute, inspiring romanticism everywhere is played.

And those are only two examples of how music can have a huge impact on the imagination of people, making them dream big, get excited, mad or depressed. It is said that we have a song or tune for every person that has deeply affected us in our life, there are people who get motivated at work when they listen to some music, and the marketing business does not escape at all from its powerful influence.

There are catchy and very creative jingles that have attracted thousands of people to a certain product, and melodies to remember.

For that reason, in Creative Solutions we pay special attention to this particular aspect when working on the commercial side, having renowned and awarded people in the music world with innovative ideas for your campaigns in order to increase the promotion of your website, ideas resulting of a long previous experienced of having worked in the music of movies, TV commercials and special ads.

Every detail of your project is very important to us as we look forward to leaving a permanent footprint in the head of your public with the sound created by us, something to remember that will make them come to you.


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