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Corporate Identity

Corporate IdentityImage is everything when it comes to a first impression and we are very conscious of that. The Corporate Identity expresses who you are as a company in front of others, and it remarks a big part of your reputation, besides of your performance. For that reason in Creative Solutions we put our best efforts in creating all the necessary elements for creating a deep impact in every person or company that gets to look at your offers or promotions.

A very important part of the corporate identity is the logo, for which we are able to supply you the best and most innovative ideas for creating a functional one that be also solid, original and trustful to the values, standards, goals, activities and principles of your company. In honor to the flexibility that always have been a part of our trademark besides of creativity, we deliver you the new created material in as many digital formats as you need.

A logo means personality, means the essence, it tells the world who you are and what you do, and an unprofessional one will take audience away from you, since the competition also knows about its importance and takes the most out of it. That is why we not only design a logo for you but adjust and improve it according to your criteria of what you want to show and give as a product or service.

The graphic design of a Corporate Identity also implies presentation cards, ID’s, flyers and many other ways for which you can promote yourself and from which we can give you a Creative Solution that will give the impulse you need for your company to be known everywhere and gain a firm presence in the market.

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